Central Vietnam Pit Stop

It was time we headed south so we hopped on an overnight train out of Ninh Binh and headed to Hoi An. Technically we got off in Hue and then rode a bus for 3 hours but either way we made it. The train was…an experience. The cots are not for people taller than 5’ 10” and it’s the bounciest sleep I’ve ever had!!

Hoi An

Once we made it to Hoi An we checked in to our hotel and went on the hunt for lunch! The town has a long history and the streets are super cute and just fun to walk down.

There are plenty of things to buy and see, but there are 2 that stand out here. First is the lanterns, every night the river is filled with little boats and colorful lanterns. You can pay to ride in one but we opted to just look, luckily we got a good recommendation for dinner that night which afforded us the perfect view for people watching.

The second main thing is clothing! But not just any old clothing, Hoi An is home to over 500 tailor shops and we knew we had to get something. It took a lot of research and walking around but eventually we settled on a nice spot call A Dong Silk. It’s important to find a good shop because there are lots of copycats and lower quality places. If you’re going to put in all the effort and money to get fitted, then do it right!


  1. I can’t wait for the next wedding you’ll wear your fancy new clothes to 😍

  2. My favorite picture is Isabel and the lanterns. What a gorgeous place.

  3. What a lovely place. I thought I recognized the towns name!. It is the town where to Top Gear guys bought themselves (or knowing them was it for each other) the crazy suits on the Vietnam special. The lanterns are so cool, especially having a lovely place to eat dinner and watch. That bed although short at least seems like it had a bit of width which probably helped a little. Wonder what type of rickety train you were on that it bounced like that, normally, at least for me sleeping on a train is a lovely experience. The little cabin does seem nice.

  4. You guys are something else!! I can’t believe how much you can fit in one day, including getting fitted for special outfits.
    Unbelievable!!! Each place you have been to looks so beautiful, special and fun that I wish I could stay just there for weeks on end. But on you go, ready for more adventures! 🙂

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