Coffee!! ☕️

Even Isabel, who doesn’t particularly like coffee, drank some everywhere we went. The trick here, adding some condensed milk. We had everything from coffee shop coffee to out of the hotel pot. Most noteable was the coconut coffee (made with coconut cream) and egg coffee (made with meringue like egg topping that gets folded in).

Fooooooooood 🍜🍤🍍🥢

We decided posting all the food pictures separately was a better choice. We got to eat so many fantastic and different things, hopefully it makes you hungry! Not pictured, the millions of passion fruit Isabel ate every morning.

Bus Ride in Comfort!!

If bussing between places was always this comfortable I wouldn’t bother flying. We just arrived in Sa Pa for some trekking and we took a sleeper bus all the way from Hanoi. It was very comfortable and I am already looking forward to the bus ride back!

Liftoff! ✈️

One year after booking the tickets and we’re finally sitting on the plane. See you in 14 hours.