Hanoi Food Tour

Today was our first day in Hanoi and no better way to start the trip than a food tour. Really we are here to eat good food for two weeks…

We landed in the morning, checked in to our hotel, then started exploring on our own in the afternoon with $3 Pho and coconut coffee sitting on the side of the street.

Then we met up with a small group of six for a 3 hour walking food tour from 6-9 pm. We had a very fun guide take us to lots of places and tried several traditional Vietnamese dishes. I’m surprised at how much food we got and the group we were with were very interesting and fun to talk to. Every dish was better than the last and all of it was delicious!!

Some fun food facts we learned:

– Pho is actually just the name for the noodle, not the soup

– Banh mi just means any kind of bread

– Egg coffee is dairy free

Old quarter Hanoi closes the streets from cars and mopeds (which there are a LOT of) in the evening and the night life is definitely bustling during this time. It was a great first experience here.

Now it’s time for bed as we have been up for way too long in hopes of adjusting to the time.

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  1. looks so fun and yummy!

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