Let the Packing Begin…

3 days till the adventure begins! After putting off packing for a few days now, we decided it was probably time to see how much stuff we’re going to bring. Since we are only bringing our backpacks for ease of travel on trains and buses, I knew this would be a challenge because I’m an over-packer. I’ve had my packing list for months, slowly whittling it down over time. And I think it helped! I managed to fit all my clothes in one packing cube, barely… Thanks to our trusty helper Poppy, we got most of the packing done today and are feeling ready for our trip!

We look forward to sharing our trip through this blog and hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Explore, dream, and then explore some more.


  1. You should send your packing photos to Cotopaxi – great marketing! Love how organized you are.
    Looking forward reading all your travel stories.

  2. Great idea and good start to an exciting adventure! Glad Poppy helped out to accomplish the packing 😀
    We will be praying for safety and a real special time.

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